WTP 2017 Second Place Literary Winner

WTP 2017 Second Place Literary Winner

Kris Faatz


Kris Faatz is the WTP 2017 Literary Second Place recipient, for her short story “Let Me Take Your Hands.” Her short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Kenyon Review OnlinePotomac ReviewReed, and other journals. Her first novel, To Love a Stranger, was a finalist for the 2016 Schaffner Press Music in Literature Award and was released May 2017 by Blue Moon Publishers (Toronto). Sara Marsden of NetGalley praises the debut as “An incredibly beautiful and moving piece of literature. A lyrical masterpiece that punches you right in the gut…I’m looking forward to future work from Faatz.” She also was a fellowship recipient at the Kenyon Review Writers Workshops.

“Writers have both great power and great responsibility,” Faatz believes. “Our words work across time, and what we can evoke through them is limited only by our imaginations. I feel that my job as a writer is to create bridges: to take readers into new experiences and help them see through other eyes, in a way that no other craft can achieve.”

In addition to the writing, Faatz is also a pianist. She is able to meld the two on her blog, “Storytelling and Sound,” where she not only interviews authors, but also may pair readings of their works with her own musical compositions. The blog was inspired by a collaboration with writer Taylor Larne whom she met at the Kenyon Review Writers Workshops in the summer of 2017. Together they performed a reading in sections of Larne’s novel Stranger, Father, Beloved, paired with short piano pieces Faatz performed. Faatz on her website offers manuscript editing services—including a special offer to work on manuscripts with writers who participated in NaNoWriMo. She also offers two online courses: “Working the Puzzle: Revising Fiction” and “Filling the Well: Writing New Work.”

Look for “Let Me Take Your Hands” in the WTP 2017 special winners edition.

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