Art Spotlight: William Crump

Art Spotlight: William Crump

Positive Force

See William Crump’s work in WTP Vol. V #9

Positive Force by William Crump

linen, glass, flashe,
wood frame, and aluminum
20” x 20”

When I sit down to make a collage, it is important for me to approach it with a different eye than I use in my painting and drawings. I’ve found it to be more spontaneous and at times more challenging than painting and drawing. It is exciting in the way that things happen immediately. I enjoy the arrangement of objects. I am interested in how an image, having been cut from one source, is changed upon being placed next to another unrelated image.

My collage works tend to look aesthetically different from my other work. With my collage pieces I began by reacting against most of the collage work I’d been looking at. When I am making these pieces I begin with the idea—or narrative—that is about spirits who are encountered while along a journey. These spirits represent different stops or signs along the way. Some of this came about from being influenced by Japanese, Native American, Mayan stories and art.” —William Crump

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