Art Spotlight: Amalia Galdona Broche

Art Spotlight: Amalia Galdona Broche

A Search for Identity

See Amalia Galdona Broche’s sculpture in WTP Vol. VI #1

An installation of nude female busts sitting atop bronze bases
A Search for Identity by Amalia Galdona Broche

newspaper, resin, and steel

The Search for Identity series started by looking back over my childhood, among the decaying infrastructure of a Cuba frozen in a revolution long past, to understand how my generation came to its present form. But my generalized sociopolitical understanding of the Cuban youth poorly explained the nuances of our society, let alone an individual. And mindful that the key to understanding myself, or anybody for that matter, is hidden in the origins of our traits, expanded my focus by looking at the big picture and then focusing on the specifics. The big picture being humanity, and the specifics, the variables that impact an individual’s identity in terms of nature and nurture.”

Amalia Galdona Broche graduated from Jacksonville University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture, and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. Her thesis work, A Search for Identity: Revival of Cuban Art and Architecture, obtained support from a Jacksonville University research grant.

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