Art Spotlight: Gina Louthian-Stanley

Art Spotlight: Gina Louthian-Stanley

Golden Moon

See Gina Louthian-Stanley’s work in WTP Vol. VI #1

An abstract cold wax painting featuring of earth tones, grey, and white
Golden Moon by Gina Louthian-Stanley

8″ x 8″

In my work, I utilize various color harmonies and surface textures to visually engage the audience. I also explore the range of possibilities allowed through subtle changes: color choice, composition, method of application, surface preparation, etc. I choose not to create mundane imagery and defend it with dense jargon. I believe that a painting is not made with theory alone, the materials are also a vital component. I am inspired by building up from a simple base structure and self-organize as I go. I render this into painting by building off of the random, using a predetermined medium, technique, and series of colors.”

Discovering printmaking, Louthian-Stanley created her thesis works in monotype and has primarily been a monotype printmaker since the late ‘70s. Her most recent works are explorations in printing, painting, and mixing media on alternative surfaces with various inks, oils, solvents, hot wax (encaustic), and cold wax, using various techniques to create the “atmospheric” quality, which are symbolic to her works. Each work usually begins without a preconceived image. It begins with a series of random colors and textures, then marks and images, added often with the use of her hands.

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