Site Review: Konmark

Site Review: Konmark

Photography and the Psyche

By Richard Malinsky, Arts Editor

Richard Malinsky

Konmark is a photographic artist and researcher exploring the themes of mortality, spirituality, and the human condition as it relates to the psyche and evolution of consciousness. Photographically, he experiments with manipulating the photographic image and/or combining it with other media to create a personal style and dialogue between his subjective interpretation and the photographic document.

The website’s gallery offers a robust overview of black-and-white as well as color photographs, paintings, and collages, a rich snapshot of the varied content and techniques this prolific artist has produced. Each group of images is accompanied by a quotation that either describes the subjects or what inspired them.

The arresting image “Angel” encouraged digging deeper, which revealed a powerful series of six ethereal and haunting black-and-white images that appear to be floating in a stark black space. They are present as if actually posing for the camera, and speak to themes of spirituality and immortality.

A black and white photograph of a ghostly white figure
Angel 6, ©Konmark fine art photography

“Blind to the World” combines three progressive images viewed as one visual statement, symbolizing the Human Condition” category. A silhouette of a naked man in a barren, constricted space is sequentially bent into a position of being physically as well as mentally burdened with frustration, all the more resonant by the dramatic lighting and the dark architectural forms.

A photograph of a screaming man in a barren construction site
Blind to the World, ©Konmark fine art photography

“Mind Pattern 02” is a dramatic and abstract composition that appears to address the psyche and evolution of consciousness. This series of images seems to suggest various sensory input passes to the brain—some retained, perhaps becoming memory, and some discarded as unnecessary.

A an abstracted photograph of the moon
Mind Pattern 02, ©Konmark fine art photography

Konmark’s experimentation with color seems more gentle and reflective in contrast to his stark black-and-white imagery. He uses color to reflect mood rather than dramatic composition. Much of the work in the “paintings” category is a mixed-media combination of photo transfers onto canvas with oil, and oil pastel over painting, as can be seen in “Memories IV.” Themes of memories and inner spiritual journeys frequent these works.

A red-toned photograph of a group of three girls posing together
Memories IV. Vintage photo transfer, oil pastel and oil on canvas, 50cm x 35cm. ©Konmark fine art photography

From this mixed media to collage seems a logical evolution. These works focus on combinations of graphic letter forms, symbols, numbers, diagrams, fabric, and paint to convey information transfer, and are perhaps more classical. They are accompanied by a quote by Kurt Schwitters: “Art is a spiritual function of man which aims at freeing him from lise’s chaos.”

A collage of stamps, fabric, newspaper clippings, and more
Konstruction 100. ©Konmark fine art photography

The site includes Konmark’s “Culturium,” a page devoted to showcasing the compositions of artists of various media, who have delved deep into the silence within and created work that is timeless, wise, and beautiful.

Konmark lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece. He has exhibited widely in Greece and the United Kingdom. His university studies include a BA in Illustration, an MA in Photography, and a Doctorate in Fine Art.

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