Art Spotlight: Jean-Luc Le Balp

Art Spotlight: Jean-Luc Le Balp

High-Line 7

See Jean-Luc Le Balp’s work in WTP Vol. VI #2

A print of a red rectangle with a black line through the bottom half
High-Line 7 by Jean-Luc Le Balp

color etching
print on paper
23.75” x 31.25”
ed.1 of 50

Jean-Luc Le Balp is a printmaker from Brittany, France. After first studying painting, he learned printmaking at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Le Balp now lives and works just north of Morlaix in Roscoff, France, as a printmaker, painter, engraver, and maker of artist’s books. His prints are mostly etchings and aquatints on zinc, made on Ledeuil presses.

Image courtesy of The Curator Gallery.

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