Art Spotlight: Darryl Hudak

Art Spotlight: Darryl Hudak


See Darryl Hudak’s work in WTP Vol. VI #3

a painting of a whale's tale on top of an abstract backgound
Blue by Darryl Hudak

pigmented urethane
and rice paper on
cotton paper stock
50” x 72”

In what I call improvisational sketch painting, I put ‘marks’ on canvas or heavy canvas-like paper, using pigment, urethane, oil paint, papers, graphite, and found materials. My work can incorporate inspirational object imagery. I attempt to solve visual puzzles using custom mixed paint colors, defining fluidity and levels of transparency. Layers build in the creative moment, maturing a composition. Using my experience of a lifetime of seeing, my ‘toolbox of skill,’ and luck, my work evolves instinctively. The congruous results resourcefully fill a void and may be useful to others. I have no agenda but to follow what my eye tells me is interesting.”

Darryl Hudak’s work is informed by his career in industrial, graphic, and furniture design and in fine woodworking, as well as home design and restoration. His custom furniture has been featured in Barney’s New York and Bloomingdales, as well as in the Hunter Museum of Art. He has served as creative director and consultant to Henri Bendel, Gap, Old Navy, Ann Taylor, Brooks Brothers, Estee Lauder, and Keds. His work in architectural interiors, furniture, and lighting has been published in The New York Times Home section, Interior Design, Metropolitan Home, Metropolis, Nashville Magazine, and Glass Canada.

Courtesy of the artist and The Curator Gallery.

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