Art Spotlight: N.R. Hills

Art Spotlight: N.R. Hills

The Piranesi Code (Orange)

See N.R. Hills’s work in WTP Vol. VI #4

A collograph with grey and orange tones by N.R. Hills
The Piranesi Code (Orange) by N.R. Hills

11 3/4” x  8 3/4”

Having worked in numerous different media over the years, my fortuitous discovery of the medium of the collagraph has introduced me to a medium which enables me to fully embrace my passion for texture. I am constantly excited by the way that the technique requires the artist to embed and ‘chip away’ at the surface to bring about forms that have a sense of revealing about them; the feeling that the image has just emerged from centuries hidden in the earth—an archaeological dig, involving items that, no matter how modern they might be, take upon a sense of an occult and ancient mystery.”

After graduating from The Chelsea School Of Art, N.R. Hills worked as a freelance illustrator for many years. He then discovered the possibilities of computer graphics while working at the “TTV” studio, which led him to work for a number of multimedia companies. His success in the commercial art world enabled him to devote his time and energy exclusively to fine art from 2001 to the present day. His move into printmaking resulted in the publication of a book of his collagraphs, The Mysterious Collagraph.

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