Art Spotlight: Anastasia Komarova

Art Spotlight: Anastasia Komarova


See Anastasia Komarova’s work in WTP Vol. VI #5

A photograph of a silver sheet floating above a Long Island beach
Body by Anastasia Komarova

chromogenic print
26” x 39”

Super Nature Series

It was Komarova’s first time visiting New York, when, after walking all day in the financial district, she took an express train to Far Rockaway: “It was a rush to have been transported in an underground tube, from a man-made environment to this ambient space.”

“Super Nature” was a site-specific installation created on the Far Rockaway shores, in December of 2014. The project examined the conflict between our respect for the natural environment and the human desire to define and control the space around us, by modifying this environment to suit our lifestyle.

Komarova is a a visual artist from Kaliningrad, Russia, now living in New York. Coming from an architectural background, she is interested in exploring the relationship between bi-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces.

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