Art Spotlight: David Quinn

Art Spotlight: David Quinn

Stony Brook Harbor II

See David Quinn’s work in WTP Vol. VI #6

A photograph of a harbor at sunset
Stony Brook Harbor II by David Quinn

archival inkjet on
Museo Max matte paper
16’’ x 20’’

Over the years, my photographic interests have primarily centered on creating landscape, flower, and nature images with an occasional venture into street and architectural pictures. In many of my photographs I strive to evoke an emotion, raise an uncertainty, or create a sense of movement by either isolating key elements or blurring the subject matter. These impressionistic photographs are not unlike the images we remember as we wake from our dreams. Whether a photograph is impressionistic or not, my goal is to share an experience that I found captivating and to encourage the viewer to pause and reflect upon a visual drama in our world.”

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