Art Spotlight: Khaled Akil

Art Spotlight: Khaled Akil


See Khaled Akil’s work in WTP Vol. VI #7

A digital work of a fish head with an abstract hole in the eye
Inversion by Khaled Akil

Diasec mounting print
55” x 39.5”

This modern society that we have created for ourselves is like a fishbowl. We have forgotten our natural relationship to the world by limiting ourselves to this artificial habitat.

For each work in this series, I started by scanning a fish. Color was then hand-painted on and around the fish on the surface of the scanner. Elements, such as human hair, soap, or foam, were added, and the painting was scanned to create a digital image file. This process was repeated, sometimes up to ten times, to create variations of the same painting. The images were then uploaded to a computer and digitally manipulated.”

Khaled Akil, who lives in Istanbul, was born in Aleppo, Syria, and is a mixed-media artist with a law degree from Beirut Arab University. His work has been exhibited in both solo and group shows around the world, and his latest exhibition was at Brown University, Rhode Island.

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