WTP 2019 Honorable Mentions

WTP 2019 Honorable Mentions

Congratulations for being awarded Honorable Mentions in our 2019 Hampton Competitions!
For Fine Art

Carolyn DiFiori Hopkins She was born in Philadelphia and grew up mainly in Southern New Jersey. She holds an M.F.A. from the University at Albany, an M.A. from the University at Albany, and a B.A. from Rutgers University. Growing up in a home that encouraged creativity, DiFiori Hopkins developed a love for art at a young age. By the time she started college, she decided to pursue a career in the arts. Hopkins has worked in the advertising field, as a free-lance artist and as an arts educator from elementary school to the college level. Her strong background in drawing and painting resonates in her current work which explores non-traditional methods and materials. You can find out more about her at carolyndifiorihopkins.com.

Todd Brugman  He is from the north shore of Boston, he has been creating and thinking about the visual arts for as long as he can remember. His interests and abilities were noticed and applauded by his parents and teachers as early as preschool. Todd has always been a dreamer, one who often came across as shy, yet he was never an introvert. He’s a deep existential thinker, who’s thoughts go further than his head through his art; and the little notebook he always carries in his back pocket. In the past few years, Todd has decided to focus full-time on his art. He paints daily at Shepherd Maudsleigh Studio in West Newton and he states that no matter where his mind is, even if it is in a dark place seconds before the brush hits the canvas, as soon as it does, he is transported into his work.To find out more about him, visit toddbrugman.com.


For the Literary

Elizabeth Marian Charles she is a recent graduate of the Arizona State University MFA program. Her work has previously appeared in “Bird’s Thumb” and “Fiction Southeast,” and is forthcoming in the minnesota review and Running Wild Anthology of Stories, Vol. 4. She lives and writes in Texas.

Basmah Sakrani She is a Muslim Pakistani-Canadian writer living in Memphis TN, with her husband and two dogs. Her work has appeared in Noble Gas Quarterly, Rusted Radishes and won the 2018 Tiferet Writing Contest. She works at Wunderman Thompson and is completing her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

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