All things on the many varied processes and mediums of  fine art photography.

Digital Photography

“It’s fun to move away from the realistic and play around with processing effects, as experimentation can looses up my creative vision.”

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The Art of Photogravure

Lothar Osterburg makes photogravures of small, sculpted models staged in evocative settings.

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Create Artistic Lens Flare

How to achieve lens flare as an artistic choice in your photography.

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Photo Apps: A Tea Party Instagram Challenge

David Hayes attempts the Instagram #theteacupseries challenge, creating a striking series of still lifes.

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iPhoneography Tutorial: Four Lovelies

David Hayes takes readers step by step through his most recent still life study.

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Two Up

David Hayes follows a prompt: “utilize two sides of a square…allow for room to breathe….shoot top down…”

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Photo Recipe Book: Recipe Number 1 (Tower)

How David Hayes used his iPhone to capture the image “Tower.”

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Imaginary Realms

George Fellner uses light (natural and artificial) with Iceland Spar Calcite to create his works about universal consciousness.

Jeff Alu: Single Image or Series

Jeff Alu debates the pros and cons of photographic series: do they help the viewer comprehend the project? Does each picture carry the same merit?

Jeff Alu: Playing with Scale

Jeff Alu shows that "to appreciate something that might be overlooked you need to present it from a different perspective than what reality allows."

Seeing in New Ways

Jeff Alu suggests an alternative way of approaching photographic composition beyond subject matter as seen in his pictures of fractals.

Alex Hall: Photography

Alex Hall gives a behind-the-scenes look at his hybrid photography and digital paint combining images from USGS Bee Survey and a visualized music app.

Two Up

David Hayes follows a prompt: "utilize two sides of a square...allow for room to breathe....shoot top down..."