A WTP Voice & Vision

  The idea for Voice & Vision evolved in our Woven Tale Forum, where members are actively conversing on ways to support each other as writers and artists. These collaborations,

Painting for a Robot

William A. Brown uses video editing to create "pre-paintings" with the anticipation of being painted by a robot.

Light in the Darkness

Dark Before Dawn is a short experimental documentary that plumbs the liminal moment of balance between light and darkness.


In Vieni, the body tries a dialogue with a friend who has left but who lives through her reminiscence.

Under the Track of Gabo

Alfonso Bonilla describes the journey to his style and his recent project on Gabriel García Márquez. Pieces from this project appear in WTP Vol. VII #7.

A Visual Reading

A video collaboration between WTP writer Rudy Melena and fine art photographer Amy Kanka Valadarsky. Where the Literary meets the visual arts.

Chekhov’s Masha’s Masha

Masha Vlasova takes on a monologue from Anton Chekhov's THE SEAGULL, "as a found text, interpreting it as a Russian, an American, an actress, a director, and a Masha."

My Father Eats Figs

A WTP Voice & Vision: a collaboration where the literary meets the arts. In "My Father Eats Figs," Ruth Knafo Setton's poem is set to the deeply resonate images of photographer Tatiana Rivero Sanz.

Things I Carry Into the World

Based on a poem by Cynthia Manick, the video is an abstract meditation on the body, the feminine, the everyday realities of being young and black, and the fragile relationship between the manmade and the natural.
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