A WTP Voice & Vision: Last Hope

Woven Tale Press Voice & Vision is the result of collaborations between WTP writers and artists, where the literary meets the arts.

The Art of Stone Carving: Mark Yale Harris

Mark Yale Harris has created an evolving body of work in alabaster, marble, limestone, and bronze, often combining different elements to bring forth a duality through creation.

George Fellner: Photographer and Architect

"I feel that there is so much diversity in stones and crystals that it's an endless endeavor; there's just no limit to how much I can do with this." George Fellner's most recent series reveals an endless search for the abstractions of reality using close-up shots of gemstones and crystals.

The Boro Project

Bette Ridgeway is best known for her large-scale, luminous poured canvases that push the boundaries of light, color and design. Watch as she works with her team in a warehouse in Santa Fe to create a 15' x 21' triptych installed at the Boro Tower in Tysons, Virginia.

ARS Finnish Art

Annariitta Saarelainen presents examples of her printmaking alongside a backdrop of her artistic process in this video. "My roots as a photographer manifest in deep attention to detail and focus on form expression... To me creativity means freedom—let my art speak for itself."

Video: Nikoleta Sekulovic

"How will a few lines on canvas give us a glimpse of the inner life of that person? That is what motivates me." Behind Nikoleta Sekulovic's paintings.

Video: Inland Geography

"In my search for a larger purpose in life, I found that I was evading the intimacies of my daily life." Video by Mélanie Patris.

Video: Off Switch

“Off Switch” is a multimedia experimental live sound piece by Robert Gorman which explores the nonverbal dialogue created between visual imagery and experimental sound.

Video: Round and Round

"What are the selection criteria, the conditions for casting and who is on the jury?" Bogdan Moroz's multimedia installation and performance art piece.
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