Kenneth Cole Buys From Jo DeSerio Jones

Kenneth Cole Buys From Jo DeSerio Jones

By Jo DeSerio Jones

Feeling fortunate, feeling overwhelmed, I just had to share the incredible news I just received. The great American designer Kenneth Cole purchased 2 pieces of my art this weekend at the Rolando Chang Barrero fine art gallery in Lake Worth.

These are the pieces he bought. They are images from my sculptures that I’ve distorted, then applied to wood scraps from kitchen cabinets and topped with Ice Resin. I’ll be adding him to my list of collectors!Kenneth Cole purchases art from environmental artist Jo DeSerio JonesKenneth Cole buys art from Jo DeSerio Jones

I’m floating and can’t believe it’s real, but here’s the proof~

Peace, Jo

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  1. That is INCREDIBLE news. I’m moving you to the featured member section. Also you need to set an image as a “featured image” so that it shows on homepage but I can do that for you now. Congratulations!

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