Adventure In Zenland

Adventure In Zenland

I can barely move my feet. It’s been such a long day that I can’t wait to get back home and hop onto the bed. All I wish is to have a holiday and some adventure to rejuvenate myself. After the busy traffic hours, I reached home only to see there was no power and zero stamina. The lift not working and I had no other choice but to force myself to climb up the stairs. damn!I cursed my luck. Getting exasperated as I was looking for my door keys among the artifacts in my bag. Good Lord, the keys themselves find my fingers and made my life easier.

The moment I opened the door, BEEP BEEP! My mobile buzzed ‘You’ve got a message!’. I checked and it was from an unknown number. It read, ‘Look for a surprise’ and then immediately my battery went down.

‘Huh.. What is this? Is someone playing prank on me.. uff.’ I was too tired to even take it serious. I pushed open the curtains letting the evening sun spread its light in my living room. As I did that, the first thing I noticed was a small package sitting on my coffee table with my name printed clearly on it. I can still see it in my eyes. There was no sender’s name or a stamp. Mind boggling with all possibilities, who could have sent it? The worst part was I couldn’t check for any clues in my mobile, as it was already dead. The package looked kind of bulky and mysterious. My heart beats faster and my fingers fumbling. I, being a curious rat, ripped off the cover with no more wait.

‘Is it chocolate.. a book..? or…’ I started playing the guessing game. ‘What could it be?’ My mind became too busy and eager to know what it was. As I tear it open, I was expecting something else, but all I saw was my own reflection on a sleek and shiny black screen.

I gave a squeal of joy as I threw away the white box while still holding that thin shiny object in my hand. I read out the imprinted letters, glitter in silver.


I was very excited at the first look of it. In my hands lied the slim and sleek Asus Zenfone 5, like a crisp white bar of chocolate with its edges shining. I was stunned with its lightweight as it settled comfortably in my palm. It had a splendid 5” display screen. The phone vibrated and came to life. It slipped out of my palm. Puff of smoke filled the air. Everything went blank. Apparently, I started to shrink.


The next thing I remembered was me standing over the phone. Dressed like a princess with pretty pink gown, tiara and long sleeved gloves, I started walking on the Gorilla Glass 3. To my surprise no imprints were left behind me. It was smooth and gliding. I bent down and gently touched the screen with my gloves on and experienced the magic of its Glove Touch. With a colorful ambiance and wonderful features I was feeling like Alice in Wonderland. Delighted with the sensitivity of my touch and it’s response, I started to explore more. Magically, I got sucked into the bright Asus TruVivid display and entered the world of ZenUI.

On the entrance, there was a welcome sign ‘Intel Inside’. ‘The world’s best processor is here’, a happy thought struck me. I walked inside with wide eyes In Search Of Incredible.

As I walked further exploring it’s features, I fell into a black hole – like Alice fell and found her wonderland. Here I found my own Zenland.

It is a magical world where I believe anything is possible. My adventure begins now.

To be Continued…