Art Soup

Art Soup

By Donald Kolberg

A recipe for excuses that you can serve any time of year:

Difficulty:  Easy
Prep Time: Your whole Life
Serving Size: Every time you do art


One large project or a small series of projects
(even one small project can be substituted)

a squeeze of time
a reduced desire to succeed
a splash of disorganization
a dash of taking the easy way out
a large jar of lack of focus
a minimal sense of commitment


In your mind combine your lack of focus with a large splash of disorganization and place them in the center of your studio. Make sure you are able to trip over them in a moment’s notice. In another part of your brain mix a reduced desire to succeed with a squeeze of time. This can boil over quickly, but don’t worry once combined it remixes on its own. Now take the result and spread it over the project of your choice.

Pour the entire mixture over your lack of commitment, adding a dash of taking the easy way out on top of the whole mess for decoration.

 Finally procrastinate until you are ready to:


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