Art, Coffee and Blogs

Art, Coffee and Blogs

By Donald Kolberg

I’m sitting here having my coffee, and I thought you might like to explore some of the blog sites that I read. They are mostly about art, but you’ll notice, as time goes on, I tend to wander:

Tilted Arc is an online journal that features in-depth and long standing concerns about the making of art. We engage artists directly, preferring to incorporate their own voice on practice, intention, materiality, installation and inspiration.

Art F City creates and archives critical discourse, and commissions ambitious artist projects. Through a daily mix of blunt criticism, commentary and community-minded journalism, we add an unparalleled dosage of purposeful opinion to the contemporary art community.

PRLOG is a site you can use to write and distribute FREE press releases

That’s it for now but I’ll be posting again next week, so come on back! And remember:
Imagination is never still, the marks we make are verbs

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