Art, Coffee and Blogs

Art, Coffee and Blogs

Another weekend and more drinking coffee, sipping tea and reading blogs (at least during the morning). This week I tended to wander a bit and came across a few interesting blogs. One of them helped to provide a title for a piece of art I’m working on. So lets go to that first

While this may be a science subject blog I found it inspirational. The 7 Towers of PICERAS have provided me with the title Piceras 4 Energy.

I try not to read this blog to early in the morning. Sometimes it leans a little to much toward academic and general high brow stuff. But it does get the brain working in new ways.


Here’s a continuation of science that can be used for the arts. I ended up on this site (wandering) and as a sculptor I was intrigued. What do do think?


One more thing before I go, there’s a weekly art paper that I think is interesting so I’ll post a link here
Its called Contemporary Artist and Art check it out.

That’s it for this week. And remember

Imagination is never still. The marks we make are Verbs!

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