Art, Coffee, Tea and Blogs

Art, Coffee, Tea and Blogs

By Donald Kolberg

If you’re still looking for ways to procrastinate about filing your taxes, I’m supplying some fodder for your foolery. And of course a wonderful poster about…Coffee. So here you go.

First, I can’t help but give a nod to my mentor and friend artist Harold Garde who in his mid 90’s is still creating insightful significant art. This is a wonderful video

The Art of Rebellion


Next is an incredible retelling of Plato’s allegory of the cave

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, Animated: History’s Greatest Parable Exploring the Nature of Reality

And finally a little piece of software you may find useful when you don’t want to give out your email on the multitude of web forms floating around

That’s it for now and while you may be tired of hearing, no one I know has seems to complain

Imagination is Never Still. The Marks We Make Are Verbs





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