Art Spotlight: Josie Bell

Art Spotlight: Josie Bell


Connections with the Earth

See her work in The Woven Tale Press Vol. IV #5

The Power of Ancient Forces #2 oil, sand, marble dust, sawdust and stone on canvas 89” x 72”


Rooted in my early childhood in Brazil is a deep and intimate connection with the earth. I didn’t know these imprints would reawaken someday and bring me to subjects that relate to the exquisite life force of nature, as well as to its wanton destruction within the rainforests. I believe this inspiration came to me as a spiritual responsibility on raising awareness about our own actions toward earth. I approach a new painting without preconceived ideas, choosing instead to let the spirit of the artwork guide me, building up layers of oil, sand, marble dust, sawdust and stone on canvas. It is only later when the subjects of the work present themselves and hidden symbols are revealed. I seek to raise questions about why this wanton denudation is happening to our earth. I strive to find new answers that can lead me personally, and us collectively, to support on the regeneration process of this beautiful living being.


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