Black Hand Rose Garden

Black Hand Rose Garden

Video by Rose Knapp

Rose Knapp is a poet, novelist, electronic music producer, and multimedia artist. She has an experimental novel forthcoming and poetry publications in Chicago Literati, PDXX Collective, BlazeVOX, OccuPoetry, Danse Macabre, and others. She currently divides her time between Brooklyn and Minneapolis. Twitter Handle: @Rose_Siyaniye

About the work:

“This video/audio project combines several different artistic styles and mediums into a short but intense experience designed for the digital world, the realm where our attention is often in quick multitask mode yet where the potential for exploration is often at its freest and much less curated (whitewashed?) compared to physical galleries, film festivals, or concerts. This project combines the hypnotic repetition found in much electronic music, created and generated stills of psychedelic visuals, and cut-up bursts of photography pulled from both my personal hard drive and the net. Some of it is confessional in nature and maybe meant to convey some reflections on the various archetypes we hold up as being ‘feminine,’ and possibly convey some feeling of my experiences of being a transgender woman and artist today in New York City, although as someone attracted to Dadaist and abstract art I usually like to leave any takeaways of meaning up to the audience.”

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