WTP Roundup: From the Editor

WTP Roundup: From the Editor

January 2017

By Sandra Tyler,  Editor-in-Chief

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you may have missed some of our December features: A couple of particularly insightful interviews, with Charlotte Holmes on how she transitioned as a writer from poetry to prose; and printer-maker-turned-photographer Susan Malmstrom on her fascinating images of curiosity cabinets; and a particularly arresting video by Cookie Moon, a digital collage creator. Then there is our December Eye on the Indies, a review of a memoir by essayist and journalist Ann McCutchan and a look at her publisher, Texas A&M University Press.  Those of you who may be embarking in 2017 on researching indie publishers for your own manuscripts should keep a keen eye on these reviews. They offer valuable insight into not only indie publishers, but also include links to submission guidelines.

As to this first month of the new year, WTP may look like we are on hiatus, as we do not publish a January issue and are recycling some of our most popular posts from 2016, a way of looking back and casting fresh light on these features. Nevertheless, our editors are hard at work, not only preparing for the February issue, but writing various reviews—add to our roster now, Gallery Profiles, still reviews of sorts, but with an added focus on actual curation—who curates, what kinds of works they are most interested in, and whether they prefer established or emerging artists. I’m hoping these profiles will serve as invaluable reference points for artists seeking gallery representation, just as do our indie reviews for writers seeking publishers.

I will close with a reminder that subscriptions will be required to access the February online edition. Yes, our magazine is still free, but as I mentioned in my last Roundup, growing our subscription base is key to securing WTP’s future. To make it super simple, you can subscribe right now before you leave, so that our February issue will arrive at your doorstep (in your inbox!):


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