WTP Roundup: From the Editor

WTP Roundup: From the Editor

December 2017

By Sandra Tyler, Editor-in-Chief

sandraheadshotWith our December issue, we wind up 2016, a year of great changes for WTP. As mentioned in my November Roundup, we now post features almost daily on our site, but what I didn’t mention is that these features are always evolving; we began reviewing actual websites primarily as resources for artists and writers. But on our Facebook survey, we’ve had a lot artists submitting their personal websites – less resources than showcases. So, as we already have begun reviewing brick-and-mortar exhibitions, why not approach these artist showcases similarly? These virtual exhibits no doubt can’t rival experiencing the actual works in a gallery, but they certainly can and should be appreciated for what they often are: gorgeous and thought-provoking venues, albeit online, but where, let’s face it, a lot of us spend a lot of our time.

With changes at WTP, so has come significant growth, especially in our social media following. A growth we expect to continue in 2017, but it is no longer one that can be sustained by a roster of volunteers, namely our contributing editors, as grateful as I am to them for their dedicated time and expertise. We now employ a part-time staff, and to sustain this staff, in 2017 we will be actively seeking sponsors and advertisers. Only display ads that meet our criteria will be considered, namely, suited to our overall aesthetics. We especially welcome advertising from galleries, publishing, and MFA programs. Advertising specs and rates can be found here. And if you are or know of anyone interested in our sponsorship levels, I would be happy to forward you a proposal.

Also in 2017: The magazine will remain free, but subscriptions will be required—we know many more than our now 1,000 subscribers read our magazine, as it is widely shared on Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram. Growing that subscription base is key to our long-term survival.

Last but not least, we have chosen our first Pushcart nominees! So congratulations to:

J.G. McClure for “The Deer”—Vol. IV #4

Ola Awonubi for “The Taste of Home”—Vol. IV #3

Joyce Peseroff for “Boot Found on the Side of the Road”—Vol. IV #8

JS Khan for “Hello or Goodbye”—Vol. IV #10

Stephen Mead for “Shadowland”—Vol. IV #7

Marilyn Kallet “Anti-bullet #2″—Vol. IV #6

We take a much needed break in January. Our next issue is due out February 1. But you can subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with our regularly scheduled features on our site (see sidebar).

After this fraught political season, I wish you all peace this holiday season, or at the very least, may you find some respite in good books, inspiring art exhibitions, and in your own creative endeavors.

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