Video: Holly Wong Studio Visit

Video: Holly Wong Studio Visit

“Structures fall apart and then
are reconstructed again.”

By Holly Wong

In Wong’s work, she has explored many social and political themes central to being a woman and a socially-conscious citizen. However, over the past five years, Holly has taken an increasingly personal and inward journey with her work, integrating non-traditional approaches with more traditional sewing techniques associated with the history of women.  Her approach is both non-conventional but also deeply rooted in her history and culture.  This new body of work is presented here for the first time.

Holly Wong is an artist who lives and works in San Francisco, California.  She was educated at the San Francisco Art Institute where she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts with a concentration in New Genres.  Holly creates installations, mixed media projects and works on paper.  For the past twenty years, Holly has worked in a variety of mediums and approaches including painting, photography, textiles, video and performance.

Feature image: Photograph of the artist in her studio, shot by Al Wong, ©2014, color photograph.

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