Art Spotlight: Lisa Bartell

Art Spotlight: Lisa Bartell

The Child’s Quiet Chair

See Lisa Bartell’s work in WTP Vol. V #4

The Child’s Quiet Chair by Lisa Bartell

oil on canvas
46″ x 46″

In a way, I’m returning to my childhood habit of staring at wood grain and discovering faces. Each painting begins with a dark hue brushed in various directions creating nebulous forms. Standing back from the canvas begins the search for lines and shapes that will influence the painting. Imaginary yet recognizable imagery begins to appear. The painting continually transforms through color and brushstrokes, creating abstract shapes and movement. I scratch through the surface revealing layers of color and texture. Childhood symbols are always a part of each painting: windows, crooked houses, ladders and misshapen geometric patterns.

My current paintings present a playful expression of whimsical figures, yet the imagery is open to interpretation beyond whimsy. I want the viewer to discover their own story. My goal is to create a colorful cast of odd characters in a performance of their own self-discovery.”

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