Featured Bookmarks: The Arts

Featured Bookmarks: The Arts

January 2018

By Donald Kolberg, Art Bookmarks Editor

Donald Kolberg

Monthly link highlights to online resources and websites that seem informative and inspiring for artists or art enthusiasts. Most are free. Suggestions are welcomed.[gap height=”20″]

Art Movements and how they got their names
Messy paintbrushes on top of an abstract canvas

In the art world of the nineteenth century we saw a variety of experimental responses to the cultural complexity of the time. So here’s my question: can you name fourteen different movements between Dada and Bauhaus and how they got their names? An article by Kim Hart on  Artsy does just that. It’s an amazing read, well written and totally enjoyable.[gap height=”20″]


Jewish Folktales Retold: Artist as Maggid
A man reading a book

From Lori Starr, the executive director of the Contemporary Jewish Museum:

Jewish Folktales Retold: Artist as Maggid deftly knits together the wonderful cultural heritage of traditional Jewish folktales from throughout North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East and contemporary art practice, by commissioning a range of American artists to make new works of art in reaction to one of the one hundred tales compiled in Howard Schwartz’s indispensable book, Leaves from the Garden of Eden.”

These artists have taken the concept of narration, infused the idea of being a Maggid (a traditional Eastern European Jewish religious itinerant preacher, skilled as a narrator of Torah and religious stories) and created an art display that is a delight. Read a profile on Squarecylinder.[gap height=”20″]

The Seven Best Office Music Playlists for Productivity
Headphones lay on top of sheet music

Here’s something completely different from the people at blog.hubspot.com. It’s a list of seven music playlists that will boost your creativity and productivity. So before you throw in the towel on those well-crafted New Year resolutions, take a look at this article. It covers classical music, nature sounds, and even white noise. And to be clear, I am not endorsing any software or product, just the idea of music lists.[gap height=”20″]


Top Ten Art Business Articles of 2017
A collection of words associated with corporate success

Here’s a look back at Artsyshark’s top ten art business articles of 2017. It covers everything from how to raise your website ranking to designing a fabulous art studio on a shoestring budget. There’s enough interesting information to include this one in your own bookmark file.[gap height=”20″]

Explore an Art Store with 4,200 Different Pigments
Bowls of colorful pigment

Lately I’ve been exploring a number of Japanese and Chinese art styles and found a new site, spoon-tamago.com. Here, you can learn about a new art store offering 4,200 pigments, two hundred antique ink sticks, fifty kinds of animal glues, and more than two hundred brushes! The stunning interior is the work of architect Kengo Kuma. Of course, appropriately, the store’s name is Pigment and they do sell online. They even have  professionals with fancy PhDs who conduct workshops on how to take full advantage of these materials. [gap height=”20″]

Rodin Sculpture Found in New Jersey Town Hall
A bust by Auguste Rodin of Napoleon

It always amazes me how these sculptures can be overlooked. I guess because there are so many reproductions in offices and government buildings, that we become complacent about our surroundings. Well, it took an intern working as an archivist in New Jersey to uncover a long forgotten Auguste Rodin bust of Napoleon Bonaparte, hidden in plain sight.[gap height=”20″]

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