Video: Off Switch

Video: Off Switch

Experimental Image and Percussion

Video by Robert Gorman

“Off Switch” is a multimedia experimental live sound piece that explores the nonverbal dialogue created between visual imagery and experimental sound. Gorman’s use of the moving image in this video hangs between its movement and unknown, yet familiar landscapes’ changing position, while the viewer is subjected to the subliminal moving images, juxtaposed, at random points, as ambient lights change its landscape.

Robert Gorman studied sociology and art at Northwest Missouri State University. In 2008, he moved to Santiago, Chile, where he still lives and works today. His independent art practice includes: experimental sculpture/percussive sound performance/video/ photography and new media art. In 2016 he participated in the WB Motion’s Root Movement International Multimedia Festival in Berlin, Germany, as an invited artist.  

Since 2015 Gorman has investigated the spatial relationship found between percussive sound and body movement, which has led to a series of live video performances and a number of experimental/ choreographed percussive sound performances with dancers and other artists.  

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