Art Spotlight: Eric Zener

Art Spotlight: Eric Zener


See Eric Zener’s work in WTP Vol. VI #6

A hyper realistic painting of a man in a suit right after jumping in to a pool
Hammock by Eric Zener

oil on canvas
60″ x 70″

My work reflects our collective desire for transformation into something ideal. In my paintings I seek to create a sense of sanctuary using the subject of water and our connection with it. Orphaned from the sanctuary of youth we are faced with life’s challenges and the consequences of our choices. I use our relationship with water, nature, and each other as a metaphor for transformation, refuge, and renewal. Often I use the image of a plunge or splash as symbolic of the portal water leads us through. The bubbles are the exhalation of the past; a letting go. I believe that even in its ephemeral state, these moments lift us—freeing us from the weight of our world and allowing us to connect to something larger than ourselves; something maternal and eternal. At times my subjects may be surrendering to something unknown while in others they are basking in the clarity of light. I hope to convey a sense of contentment and poise in either part of the journey, as I believe one state cannot exist without the other.”

Eric Zener’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States for over thirty years, and internationally, in Spain, Switzerland, Italy, London, Japan, and Australia. Apart from gallery representation, his work has also been included in museum shows and international residency programs, as well as featured and reviewed extensively in art magazines and other publications.

Courtesy of the Joanne Artman Gallery

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