Art Spotlight: Nguyen Thi Mai

Art Spotlight: Nguyen Thi Mai

Belly Dancers

See Nguyen Thi Mai’s work in WTP Vol. VI #6

A painting of three abstract belly dancers
Belly Dancers by Nguyen Thi Mai

acrylic on canvas
51” x 39

There are three common ingredients that always influence my work: colors, music, and the feminine form. I use neutral and rustic colors, to symbolize the old and the simple things in life. Colors that are found in antique pieces like ceramic wares, wooden artifacts, and stone wares are commonly used in my work. Through music, I gain creative energy and inspiration, that is then reflected in my color patterns. The hardness of rock music, for example, would be manifested by deep contrasting colors like red and black. Love ballads, on the other hand, might lead to a softer tone and a more harmonious blending of colors. As a woman, I am proud of the role women play in the world, and this pride is manifested in the liberal use of the feminine form in my paintings. The curvaceous shapes and beauty of the feminine form inspire me to include similar curves in my art. The above three ingredients are ever-present in my art work, no matter which medium I happen to be employing to channel my creative energy.” —Nguyen Thi Mai

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