WTP Roundup: From the Editor

WTP Roundup: From the Editor

August 2018

By Sandra Tyler, Editor-in-Chief

We are officially now at the midpoint in our 2018 WTP competitions; you have just four weeks to pull together your best works and submit to either the poetry and photography categories. This is a unique opportunity for any writer or artist to spend a week in the Hamptons of Long Island, home to the expansive Parrish Art Museum and Pollock-Krasner House, not to mention countless art galleries. There are also readings, and there might be a poetry one at the Whaling Museum just down the street from the house. The Amagansett town is just a ten-minute walk, if you only want to venture out to the coffee shop or my favorite restaurant, Hampton Chutney, for one of their delicious cilantro or mango wraps. If not interested in making the rounds, our WTP house is just one block walk to the Atlantic Ocean. Our 2017 literary winner, Jacqueline Kolosov, did not have a car, so she spent her days—when not writing!—walking two hours every afternoon up the beach, and exploring on her bike. We no doubt will get our influx of last-minute submissions as we did last year, but I would prefer our judges not be inundated! So am encouraging you to enter sooner rather than later.

Other: Look next month for our WTP art correspondent’s roundups–what you may have missed of terrific art this summer, we will bring to you virtually. Speaking of correspondents, we are presently seeking one to cover Boston. Marni Katz has had to step down, as she is inundated with other freelance work, but will be staying on as our Provincetown correspondent. If anyone is interested in covering the Boston area art scene, please email me directly. Or if you are from another city and are interested in becoming a WTP correspondent, I’m looking to expand this series. This is a great opportunity for anyone who already frequents galleries to write for us.

I’m also starting to put feelers out for a feature writer to focus on the literary: literary website reviews, and interviewing our WTP writers, etc. I am open to ideas, always! If you have one, pitch it to me.

August is a bit of a hiatus for us, but we are still posting our regular Bookmarks and Indie Reviews, as well as spotlights on our summer WTP contributors. But look September 1st for our first fall issue, and enjoy these last weeks of summer!

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