Caitlin Cloninger

Caitlin Cloninger


See Caitlin Cloninger’s work in WTP Vol. VII #1

Pine by Caitlin Cloninger

wet Cyanotype printed
on watercolor paper
14” x 17”

“I don’t take pictures; I make photographs. My photographs not only act as my vision, but as my voice. Where I’m Reaching From is a series about the cusp of decay and the passage of time. To me, light and shadow have a way of literally, and figuratively, illuminating our conception of time and space. I capture the subtle moments containing the exchange of those elements through several alternative processes. I investigate the perception of age by dealing with the delicacies of decay, specifically in botanical matter, with the emergence and disappearance of shadows. The visible chemistry of elements evokes a clarity on the inescapability of decay and that the passage of time always marches forward. However, in the midst of deterioration, there is an acute beauty to be appreciated. I aim to magnify and cause pause at that moment.”

Caitlin Cloninger is photographer based out of East Tennessee. She received her BFA from the University of Tennessee in 2013. She was recently accepted as an MFA Candidate at University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She was a recent artist-in-residence at Azule in Hot Springs, North Carolina.

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