George Fellner: Photographer and Architect

George Fellner: Photographer and Architect

Imaginary Realms: Crystal Photography

Video by The Voice of Art Gallery & Studio

George Fellner is committed to a dual life-path involving visual discovery and design, relating to both the natural and built environments. Inspired by his travels as well as his in-depth involvement with photo essays, George’s photographic subjects include landscape, architecture, travel, portrait, and objects of nature. The focus of his most recent series, Imaginary Realms, reveals an endless search for the abstractions of reality. His process involves the macro-photography of stones and crystals, offering limitless material for evocative images.

Fellner’s passion for photography was sparked while studying architecture and design. George received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Florida. Now, with over thirty years as principal of Fellner Architects, he continues to utilize his design sensitivities for creative photography. His photographs have been published in books, journals, magazines, travel guides, and business publications. His limited edition prints have been exhibited in art galleries and in permanent art collections. 

You can see his work in The Woven Tale Press Vol. V#1

Video produced by The Voice of Art Gallery & Studio; Hannah Jung, Executive Director; David Smith, Videographer

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