Inside the Studio

Inside the Studio offers an inside peek into the work environments of WTP artists, as well as insight into their creative process within these resonate spaces.

Inside the Studio: Lorraine DeProspo

Lorraine DeProspo opens the doors of her studio to WTP readers, explaining her process and her time as an artist.

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Inside the Studio: Andrea Rae

Andrea Rae creates her fiber-based installation art, often including fabric figures, in her home studio in Indiana.

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Inside the Studio: Chloe Hedden

“It’s equal parts rapture and slow tedious craft.” Behind the scenes of Chloe Hedden’s oil paintings.

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Inside the Studio: Josie Bell

Josie Bell invites WTP into her studio, where she creates her paintings with layers of marble dust, sawdust, and stone.

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Jodi Colella’s FiberLAB

Jodi Colella’s FiberLAB, a workshop started in 2015, allows students to experiment with different fiber mediums as well as other types of art.

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Inside the Studio: Monica Coyne

Monica Coyne takes readers behind the scenes of her blacksmithing studio, and how she forges using renewable energy.

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Inside the Studio: Emily M. Rangel-Cascio

Emily M. Rangel-Cascio invites readers into her studio to learn about her process and her experience as a graduate student.

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Inside the Studio: Susan Clinard

Tour sculptor Susan Clinard’s studio, a two-hundred-year-old, renovated barn. Clinard’s sculpture appears in WTP Vol. VI #3.

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Inside the Studio: Michael Kesselman

Michael Kesselman’s studio is at the Peninsula Museum of Art in Burlingame, California. See his sculptural process.

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Inside the Studio: Dorothea Osborn

A tour of painter Dorothea Osborn’s home-based studio on the Normanskill Creek in Delmar, New York.

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Margaret Swan

Sculptor Margaret Swan takes readers inside her workspace and process. “My work day revolves around the evolution of my sculpture from its conceptual development of cardboard model-making to metal finishing processes.”

Inside the Studio: David Criner

"In his work, he tends to improvise, to trust himself and honor his instincts." Behind the scenes of David Criner's paintings.