Inside the Studio

Inside the Studio

Our Inside the Studio series offers an inside peek into the work environments of WTP artists, as well as insight into their creative process within these resonate spaces coronavirus medicament.

Maya Kuvaja

Through a single window in her home-based studio in western Maine, Maya Kuvaja gazes out on acres of pine and oak forests and visiting animals.

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String as Fine Art

Manuel Knapp, a German sculptor who works entirely in wood and string, shares his studio in a half-timbered historic building in Grossglattbach, Germany.

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Inside the Studio: Susan Clinard

Tour sculptor Susan Clinard’s studio, a two-hundred-year-old, renovated barn. Clinard’s sculpture appears in WTP Vol. VI #3.

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A Sea Coast Studio

In 2017, painter Richard Whadcock leased a workspace at Chartwell Road Studios in England’s south coast. “Not working on an easel makes the amount of wall space crucial for both the paintings in progress…”

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Inside the Studio: Froso Papadimitriou

Froso Papadimitriou’s colorful, socially-driven work appears in WTP Vol. VI #6. Inside her studio at Beckenham Place Mansion.

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Fay Wood

Fay Wood spent years living and working out of a large church space. Now, she and her husband renovated a new house to act as a studio space, home, and gallery for her collages and sculptures.

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An Artist’s Cottage

Painter Frances Ferdinands moved to a more intimate cottage studio space on three acres of land, where she finds inspiration from surrounding nature.

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Inside the Studio: Hanna Vogel

Installation artist Hanna Vogel invites WTP readers into her home studio in Philadelphia.

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Inside the Studio: Elizabeth Albert

Elizabeth Albert works from an artist studio building in Boston’s South End. What it’s like to work in such an environment, and more behind her photos.

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Inside the Studio: Dorothea Osborn

A tour of painter Dorothea Osborn’s home-based studio on the Normanskill Creek in Delmar, New York.

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Krista Harris

For Krista Harris, her studio is her safe space. There she can breath and focus without interruption. See inside her renovated log-cabin studio in Bayfield, Colorado, and behind the process of creating her abstract paintings.

Bo Kyung Kim

In Bo Kyung Kim's home-based studio, she can easily do the technique of layering and sealing using Hanji, traditional Korean paper. For her artwork, she collects sands, rocks, leaves, and dust, and seals these objects from nature.

Bette Ridgeway

Artist Bette Ridgeway's paintings, made from thin layers of acrylic poured on canvas, appear in March's WTP magazine. She takes readers behind the scenes to her recently converted studio and working process.

Nancy McTague-Stock

Nancy McTague-Stock has worked in various studios, both here and abroad, including in an old castle in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France last October. She invites readers inside her different studio spaces to learn about her process.

Margaret Swan

Sculptor Margaret Swan takes readers inside her workspace and process. “My work day revolves around the evolution of my sculpture from its conceptual development of cardboard model-making to metal finishing processes.”