PaletteArt™ | Lisa J Levasseur

PaletteArt™ | Lisa J Levasseur

Wheels of Change Recycled Acrylic

Lisa J LevasseurWheels of Change, 36" x 24" PaletteArt™ Recycled Acrylic on canvaspermanent collection Landfill Art
Lisa J Levasseur
Wheels of Change
36” x 24” PaletteArt™ Recycled Acrylic on canvas
permanent collection Landfill Art

I created PaletteArt™ because I couldn’t bear to throw away dried up old paint. It then became more of a scientific project. Basically I had to figure out how to get paint to do everything it isn’t designed to do. I can use any form of wasted paint, but it requires my own custom paint and processing products not currently available in art stores.

Lisa J Levasseur, creator of PaletteArt™, quickly emerged as an artist in less than two years with no formal art education or background painting. It started in 2010, when Levasseur, took two months off work and began painting. Frustrated, unable to put her vision onto canvas, she decided to try the abstract. She took the dried-up paint she had wasted trying to create a masterpiece and sculpted it into artwork. Levasseur, used this concept of sculpting paint onto canvas to develop a range of new techniques.

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