Francene J. Levinson

Francene J. Levinson


See Francene J. Levinson’s work in WTP Vol. VII #2

Reveal by Francene J. Levinson

paper sculpture
8” x 10” x 9”

“My art has been influenced by the ancient Chinese art of paper folding called Zhe Zhi. In 1993, the Western world first learned about modular Zhe Zhi when a ship called the Golden Venture brought desperate Chinese immigrants into the United States. The immigrants’ tragic circumstances and the unique paper art they created while in custody inspired me to create. The fragility of paper is strengthened by the unity of many.

I use paper to find new forms of expression through complex modular paper folding. Paper allows me to create abstract direct sculpture. I may utilize as many as 6,500 pieces of folded archival color paper bonded with Ph-neutral glue to render my concepts. Each paper unit is used as a point on a plane. The unit is created from a small cut rectangular piece of archival colored index weight paper, folded nine times, glued, and linked to another. My style reveals the dynamic lines and abstracted structure of various organic forms which reflect the environment. Ocean, plant, and bird life are recurrent themes in my artwork. Creating abstract direct sculpture from flat paper is a revealing challenge which enhances my search for beautiful forms.” — Francene J. Levinson

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