Susan Cantrick

Susan Cantrick

sbc 197

See Susan Cantrick’s work in WTP Vol. VII #4

sbc 197 by Susan Cantrick

mixed media collage on paper
11” x 15”

“Like its mute cousin music, painting has the capacity to project great clarity without words—a clarity distinct from certitude. In search of the intelligibility that is possible within painting’s sub-linguistic space, I’ve experimented freely with diverse techniques and media, a hybrid practice favoring a stylistic eclecticism that can belie its coherent underpinnings. For over twelve years years, I have been painting from digital studies that are generated from fragments of my own previous work. The result resembles a gamut of genealogies—paintings linked one to another by at least one element of a preceding painting, similar to evolution via genetic recombination—or the earth’s geological layering. This process, a dynamic equilibrium in which chance and artifice are equal players, keeps my work mobile while satisfying a need for structure and the rigors of problem solving. Its essence is renewal via the recycling of energy and identity from one context to another, and the work conveys, I hope, a sense of live matter in constant flux.”

Image courtesy of the artist and the Kathryn Markel Fine Art Gallery

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