Things I Carry Into the World

Things I Carry Into the World

“Like thunderclouds, I don’t stray far from earthly things”

Video by Jamil McGinnis and Pat Heywood

Inspired by the work of four New York City poets, THINGS I CARRY INTO THE WORLD is an abstract meditation on the body, the feminine, the everyday realities of being young and black, and the fragile relationship between the manmade and the natural. Created for the seventh season of Motionpoems.

Based on the poem by Cynthia Manick, our WTP 2018 winner of the Elizabeth Sloan Tyler Memorial Award for the Literary—a one week retreat in our Hamptons house, former home to the artist, and what Manick referred to as a “happy house;” a place of inspiration and peace:

My time at the Happy House: In the sun room, I’m surrounded by beauty—the deer visit the birdbath for an afternoon top-off and the walls hold paintings in every shade of color. This is a happy house, filled with pictures of family, ceramics molded in ocean blue, treasure chests, and every room has a throw to cover a lap when needed. My thoughts are quiet here, with the sounds of wind chimes and birds on break, the washboards on the porch when the rain visits, and the fireplace that holds light when it gets cold. This is a place for reading the novel you’ve been putting off, for editing those poems that have given you trouble, and finally for practicing that thing called self-care you’ve heard so much about. I’ve strolled to the beach to breath in waves and passed the cherry blossoms on the way to town. Far away from the office and the responsibilities of home—I’m just a poet here, watching the world and smiling for no reason. Thank you, Sandra and WTP for this happy house.

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