Patricia Lagarde

Patricia Lagarde

Looking for Eva 1

See Patricia Lagarde’s work in WTP Vol. VII #2

Looking for Eva 1 by Patricia Lagarde

6 1/2” x 4”

“My work has to do with the object as symbol. I am interested in the relationships established between things and the subject that sees, describes, analyzes and names them. Representation as language, as metaphor. The theme of memory and its construction is constant in the discourse of my work. Memory is at the center of the collections, interminable lists, the spirit of the Wonder rooms, and the Cabinets of curiosities. I consider my work to be open, always susceptible to continuous amplification, influenced by the material that is abundant in the things and beings that surround us. I explore diverse techniques and materials as methods of expression, such as: artist books, installations, photographic displays, boxes, projections, images, and movement.”

Patricia Lagarde has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions at galleries and museums both in Mexico and abroad, including: the Centro de la Imagen; Museo Carrillo Gil; Galería Emma Molina; Estación Indianilla; DAZ in Berlin, Germany; UNESCO in Vilnius, Lithuania; and the Hong Kong Cultural Center, China, among others.

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