A Contemporary Spin on the Traditional

A Contemporary Spin on the Traditional


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In the WTP Spotlight:
Ruth Bunnewell


Ruth Bunnewell graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Norwich School of Art and Design, UK. She has exhibited extensively in London and throughout England. In the June 2015 issue of House and Garden, her work was highlighted as “putting a contemporary spin on traditional British landscape painting.”

Colorful modern landscape of Birch trees
View Through the Birch Trees, landscape painting by Ruth Bunnewell
View Through the Birch Trees
See more of her work in  WTP Vol. VII #9

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“I am fascinated by the feel of woods and forests, especially the darker side, as captured in Grimm’s fairy tales, and in many ghost/horror works of fiction. Within landscapes, it is often the atmosphere and feel of a place that intrigues me, and that I aim to capture, as well as the aesthetics of the place. I see the places/scenes/landscapes that I choose to paint as ‘backdrops’ for what may happen within those places. It is the ‘event’ or ‘story’ connected to a place that more often than not leads me to being drawn to the place that I paint.”


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