In the WTP Spotlight: Marina Maltezou

In the WTP Spotlight: Marina Maltezou

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Marina Maltezou

Marina Maletzou was born in Athens and in 2010 moved from interior design to fine art. She studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) under Professors Triantafyllos Patraskidis, Vasilis Vlastaras and George Kazazis. In June 2016 she did her first solo presentation with her collection of works entitled “The Beloved Strangers” in the context of her diploma thesis. Her works have been presented in group exhibitions in Greece and Turkey (Constantinople).

The Man with the Pot
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“In my artwork, I often capture my love for anything that has already lived and continues to make its circle. Creating daily is, for me, an internal need, greater than all others. My paintings are mainly oil on wood and canvas, which I work on with mixed techniques, almost always adding extrinsic materials. I identify with current streams of modern art, but always have the main goal of creating a completely personal style; so I join pieces from previous works, composing, completing and finishing the sections, adding new elements to my works, which always bear reference to the older ones.”

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