Logan at Five Begins

Logan at Five Begins

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Karina van Berkum’s work has appeared in publications including Ploughshares, Five Points, and Strange Horizons, for which she received a Rhysling Award nomination. She was a 2016 Robert Pinsky Poetry Teaching Fellow at Boston University, where she received the Hurley Prize in Poetry. The Editorial Project Coordinator for MIT Sloan Management Review, van Berkum is also the co-editor of spoKe, a poetry annual. She lives in Cambridge, MA. Her first book of poetry will be published by MadHat Press in 2021.

Logan at Five Begins

From WTP Vol. IX #4

Every story with a warning:
“And you won’t believe it—”

As if that must be true.
As if he knows the soft

Trouble of my heart’s
Disease or

The dangers of dismissing
Some inevitable wonder.

Logan at last
Reaches the end

Of his drifting anecdote.
It is about the colors of a bug

He saw, the words up
And out his cheshire mouth

Like the haunt of new
Life his sad mother

Five years ago
Simply could not believe.

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