Discontinued Candy

Discontinued Candy

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John J. Ronan’s poems have appeared in Confrontation, Folio, Threepenny Review,The Recorder, Hollins Critic, New England Review, Southern Poetry Review, Louisville Review, Greensboro Review, Notre Dame Review, NYQ, and elsewhere.




Discontinued Candy

From WTP Vol. X #4

The Powerhouse exemplifies gone for good,
Existing only as wrinkled wrappers on Ebay.
Oh Henry! Its gush of exclamation, gone.
And the Marathon bar, ironically short lived,
Dead at age eight in ’81.

Not to mention the late Whiz, the Wonka.

Here’s hope:

The Necco wafer, interred with the firm,
Was resurrected by a brand snatcher in two years.
And Altoids Sours sell for hundreds—
Ignore the use by date if you dare.
Chuckles were fun, remember? They survive:
Happily named, colorful, the sugared dust.

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