Photography and Pointillism

Photography and Pointillism

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While still living in Lithuania, Aurelia Pestene graduated from Vilnius College of Design with a degree in Applied Photography. Afterwards she worked several non-creative jobs until she moved to Denmark where, after not having touched her camera for more than two years, one day something changed and creativity struck again, which was the start of the ongoing project ‘On the Dot.’


photo, acrylics
16” x 24”

See her work in WTP Vol. XI #2

All of my work is a mix between photography prints on paper or canvas, and pointillism. 

“Every picture, every little dot, holds meaning, since my work is about time, about how fast it can fly. Everything can change or become a blur in just a second, so that what remains are just memories, the tiny colorful dots in all that change. It raises a question: what do we leave behind after ourselves—just a gray abstract mess, or something that catches the eye, something bright and colorful, something that binds everything together?”

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