Well Into September

Well Into September

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Marge Piercy has published twenty poetry collections, most recently Made in Detroit and On the Way Out, Turn Off the Light; and seventeen novels, including Woman on the Edge of Time, Gone to Soldiers, and He, She and It. She has read, lectured and given workshops in over 550 venues here and abroad. Her work is translated into twenty-three languages.


Well Into September

From WTP Vol. XI #5

The land begins to imagine
fall. I saw a swirl of swallows
over Cedar Pond yesterday,
practicing for their trip south.

The sugar maple has already
dropped some crisp leaves
while roses of Sharon bloom
in pink or white, with marigolds

coneflowers, zinnias, the last
roses. Tomatoes have slowed,
zucchini and eggplants gone.
It’s easier to sleep at night,

windows open, acorns striking
the sunroof like rifle shots.
There’s a quickening in the air
like a train gathering speed.

The sun no longer scorches,
parches. Red begins on Virginia
creeper. Soon the woods will
burn with roaring color.

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