Working in Encaustic

Working in Encaustic

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Ann-Marie Brown is a Canadian artist painting in encaustic and oil. She is currently working out of a studio on the west coast between the forest and the ocean. Her paintings have been exhibited across North America and are included in collections internationally.

Sea Side/This Side

encaustic and oil on canvas
30’’ x 40’’

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“The texture and wax obscured passages create space in my painting that allows the viewer to co-create the work. The encounter with the piece by the viewer is what brings the painting to life. 

“Working in encaustic is unpredictable—the medium interrupts intention, opening a dialogue with the emerging image. This provides an opportunity for the active painting mind to push the work to a place that wasn’t consciously available. During the call and response, there are marks that build up on the canvas. Like scars and wrinkles on a person, they are the story of becoming, written on the body.

“I think that the deeper creative self is fundamentally analogue, and needs to dance with the imperfections of the real world to create something of substance. Autotune vs Nina Simone. There’s a slickness that I’m actively resisting, both in the figures I choose to paint and the method I use to paint them.”

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